Which One is your Best External Battery Pack?

You can hear and read about different manufacturers say or claim that their product is the best external battery pack in the market. It makes one wonder how come different reviews generate different list of top ten best battery packs? The answer is simple – the best pack depends on the one who uses it.

Your best pack may not be the best pack in your friend’s book and vice versa. You need to consider some things in order to come up with a good judgment regarding you best portable battery pack.

Combined Output

Most battery packs come with two USB ports that usually bear a label as 1A and 2.1A. It means the ports can take up to 1 ampere and 2.1 amperes respectively. To max out the full capability of the two ports, you need to use them at the same time. That means faster charge times for both devices that you need to plug in. Take note that not all battery packs have a combined output that is considered large enough to cope with the simultaneous usage of the USB ports. This concern especially fits the packs with more than two ports.


You may have heard about mAh or milliamps hour, which is important to take note of if you want to distinguish the capacity or strength of the battery pack you are going to buy. Expect the battery pack to last longer if it has a higher mAh. Also, expect that high-capacity battery requires longer charge time as compared to low-capacity battery.

Portable Enough

Choose a battery pack that you are comfortable carrying. Consider the size, shape and weight. Make sure that your battery pack will fit in any place where you wish to store it while travelling, be it your pocket or bag.


The housing material of your battery pack is one of the things you need to look into when determining the durability of your pack. A metal housing can give the much needed protection that your battery needs.

There are also built-in extras that you can take into account when scouting for the best external battery pack. Always keep in mind that the best pack is the one that can give you full satisfaction.

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